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Talent concept


Human resources are our precious resources. Therefore, we in line with with attractive prospect, with culture, together with enterprise, to inspire people use performance incentives, the real influence of talent work idea, based on domestic and international competition environment, cultivate highly qualified employees, creating excellent talent team, in order to achieve our sound and rapid development provide strong human resources guarantee! We, focusing on the core talent cultivation and introduction through "high-end leading, overall development", built in 100, 300 for high-end talent management specialization, internationalization, the core of innovative talent, build support our independent development talent pyramid, makes the post-processing system industry talent attraction and competitiveness of high-tech environmental protection enterprises.
We open up and build a professional sequence of talent growth channels. To promote the professional development of all kinds of talents, arouse the enthusiasm of talent, and encourage them to study business, play a special skill, based on the sequence of leadership positions, we established a professional management, professional and technical skills, the production operation personnel growth channel, the chief experts, senior experts, experts in implementation of engaging activities, all kinds of secondary expert talent can enjoy the company managers, senior managers, Even the salary of the vice president of the company.


▶  Excellent talent is the foundation of enterprise development, we respect responsible staff;

▶  Respect personal values, continue to develop talent, retain talent;

▶  Strive to build a harmonious, full of teamwork spirit for the staff of the work environment, the establishment of an excellent staff team;

▶  The achievements of the enterprise are shared by the employees, the value of the enterprise is recognized by the employees, and the style of the enterprise is felt by the employees;

▶  Companies like people who can solve problems, and they hire people to solve problems, not create them. If the employee can't see the problem or solve it, the employee is a problem. Employees can sit as high as they can solve problems;

▶  The support of employees, the development of the company, the concern of employees, everyone's Qianqiao construction。


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