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Organizational structure

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Project management mode 

Our company implements the general manager responsibility system, and implements &ldquo for each project. Self-financing, Independent accounting ” The project manager responsibility system, each department of the company to each project department implementation of the line management, to ensure the normal construction operation of each project. The company carries out construction period and quality for each project management department. Safety and cost of four elements of contract assessment.


Support for the project 


My company to subordinate each project from the aspects of personnel, funds, materials and so on the whole dynamic management, personnel appointed by the company construction experience more abundant project manager establish project intends to, omni-directional to raise finance in place, meet the demand of construction, material selection aspects advocate material for large manufacturers of materials, from the source control, auxiliary material chooses the common brand on the market, Construction to achieve prior control, control. For labor teams, real-name management is implemented, real-name assessment system is installed for each project, personnel attendance system is implemented, and monthly wages are paid to personal bank cards.

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