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  The COMPANY WAS FOUNDED IN 1964, IN 1983 by the town government, WUXI COUNTY URBAN AND RURAL Construction BUREAU approved the establishment of WUXI COUNTY QIANQIAO CONSTRUCTION COMPANY. In 1990, the company was approved by Jiangsu Provincial Bureau of Construction and Engineering as a third-level qualified construction enterprise. In 2001, the company was transformed into a joint-stock enterprise. In 2004, it was promoted to second-level qualified enterprise. Full name of the company: Wuxi Qianqiao Construction and Installation Engineering Co., LTD.

  The company's business qualification scope is Grade 1 general contract of housing construction, Grade 3 professional contract of building decoration, Grade 3 professional contract of steel structure, Grade 3 general contract of municipal public works construction, Grade 3 professional contract of lifting equipment installation, Grade 3 professional contract of mechanical and electrical equipment installation, etc. It has 3500 employees with excellent technology, including 350 management personnel and 3000 production personnel. There ARE 320 technical and economic personnel with professional titles, including 12 senior engineers, 70 ENGINEERS and 200 junior professional titles. There are 38 project managers with certificates, including 12 first-level registered builders, 24 second-level registered builders and 20 small-scale project managers. The company implements the general manager responsibility system and the project manager responsibility system of "independent accounting and self-responsibility for profits and losses" for each project. Now it has 12 project management departments, including Finance Department, technology Department, security Department and other departments. Each department implements the corresponding line management to each project department to ensure the normal construction and operation of each project. The company carries out contract assessment of four elements of time limit, quality, safety and cost for each project management department. The company has 500,000 square meters/year construction production capacity, annual construction output value of 200 million yuan.



  Since 1983, the company has been awarded the honorary title of "Advanced Enterprise in Safe Production" by the county government, and has won the award of "Advanced Enterprise" in construction industry of Jiangsu Province for three times. From 2002 to 2010, the company has been awarded the award of "Excellent Enterprise" in construction industry of Wuxi City for nine consecutive years. The manager of the company has been awarded the title of "Construction Entrepreneur of Jiangsu Province and Wuxi City". In terms of project quality, the project contracted by the city (district) quality project, provincial, municipal (district) civilized construction site, the owners and the relevant departments have been praised, in the industry has been a good evaluation. The vocational education Park Exhibition and reception center project was awarded the Excellent project award of Wuxi "Taihu Cup" in 2010, and the project of "Daji Mountain Land requisition-relocation Housing Phase III (Xituo) Section Ⅲ" was awarded the civilized construction site of Jiangsu Province in the first half of 2010. The construction sites of the first and second bid sections of Chantou New Village resettlement community were awarded as "Wuxi Civilized Construction site in the second half of 2011".

  The COMPANY CONTINUES to deepen the reform situation, seize the opportunity of enterprise transformation, all the staff more full of confidence, high morale, pioneering innovation, in the market competition for development. The company will continue to pay close attention to quality as the center, strive to create high-quality projects as the goal, further strengthen management, carefully organize construction, and strive to improve economic and social benefits, more sincere, honest service for the owners. Let us join hands to a more glorious tomorrow!

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