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What role do computers play in building projects?

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  • 2022-06-20 21:12:00

【Summary description】Computer technology includes network information technology and information transmission technology. In today's society, the rapid development of computer i

What role do computers play in building projects?

【Summary description】2022-06-20 21:12:00

Computer technology includes network information technology and information transmission technology. In today's society, the rapid development of computer information technology, and has been constantly applied from all walks of life, has greatly changed people's lives. For example, in the construction industry, the effective integration of computer technology, so that the construction of the network management, reduce the use of manpower and material resources, improve work efficiency. Computer information technology can control all aspects of construction engineering work, more effectively improve the quality of construction work, promote the continuous improvement of production efficiency, and finally realize the rapid development of construction engineering enterprises.

1. The significance of the application of computer technology in architectural engineering

The application of computer information technology in construction engineering contains two meanings. One is to make effective use of resources, which can save the construction cost of construction engineering to a certain extent; the other is to scientifically and effectively control different construction units of construction engineering. Detailed analysis is as follows:

1.1 Facilitate resource sharing. In the construction stage of construction projects, the staff usually use the traditional way to formulate engineering statistical reports. When using this method, the staff mostly adopt manual input, which not only takes time and energy, but also cannot ensure the accuracy of data. The effective use of computer information technology can establish an engineering database, reasonably grasp the data and make analysis, not only saves time, but also improves the quality of the project and work efficiency, to ensure the effective communication of information.

1.2 Conducive to the reasonable coordination of different departments. Usually, construction projects are composed of multiple departments. The diversification of construction departments makes management and coordination very difficult, so it is very necessary to take effective measures. The combination of computer information technology and engineering will be linked together multiple departments, and work together, is not subject to the constraints of time and space, different departments using the Internet can be convenient to communicate information, construction of building engineering construction further enhance the efficiency and ensure the construction quality construction.

The necessity of the application of computer technology in construction engineering

2.1 It can improve the overall level of fund management. The use of computer information technology in the construction project, the staff in the work can be carried out in time to convey the project capital flow to the financial department, to ensure that the funds quickly in place, and then improve the construction efficiency of the construction project. In addition, the management personnel must manage the construction funds scientifically and effectively, but also can carry out a more reasonable allocation of funds, not only to ensure the successful start of the construction project, but also to save the project cost.

2.2 Good control of construction materials. Computer information technology application in construction projects, managers need to use calculation data platform, can first check the number of construction materials, clear use of construction materials, and its purchases between contact, can effectively deal with the unreasonable situation, put an end to the status of waste materials in construction stage, for the enterprise to reduce costs.

2.3 Be able to centrally manage the projects under your jurisdiction. In the process of the rapid development of computer technology, the relevant management personnel through the use of computers for data analysis, but also at any time to observe the construction status and progress. In this work link, the problems in the construction are found out and corrected at the first time, so as to ensure the smooth progress of the construction.

Application of computer information technology in construction engineering

3.1 Application of computer technology in concrete quality inspection. At present, the effective application of computer information technology is an important means to improve the rapid development of the construction industry. The effective application of computer technology to the quality inspection of building materials can improve the quality of building products and economic benefits. At present, computer information technology has been widely used in the quality inspection of concrete materials and achieved remarkable results.

3.1.1 Computer can assist in starting concrete mix design. The scientific nature and economy of concrete mix design play a decisive role in the cost and quality of construction engineering, which is also the main research object of construction enterprises in recent years. The relevant personnel can work out the material information library and ingredients list library on the computer according to the previous experience and material information in the database, which will be more convenient in the new ratio design in the future.

3.1.2 Powerful statistics query function. Computer information technology has a very convenient system query function, the application of computer technology effectively to concrete material tests, laboratory management personnel can convenient experiment plan, and quickly get statistical information, timely judge the quality of the construction material analysis, to construction department to provide proof for engineering quality regulation.

3.2 Integrating computer information technology into construction project supervision. Project supervision plays a role in the control and supervision of construction. In recent years, China attaches great importance to the safety of construction engineering, and China's construction supervision undertakings in the field of continuous development, and gradually towards the international.

Construction project supervision undertakings tend to international standards, the overall goal of supervision is the management of standards and norms, but the traditional manual supervision method has not met the needs of supervision construction, so the use of computational solutions to assist construction supervision is replacing the traditional way of supervision.

Computer assisted construction supervision not only improves the work efficiency, but also improves the business ability of supervision, which is an efficient supervision way.

(1) Computer application in quality control: use computer to set up raw materials and equipment ledger, carry out statistics and detailed analysis according to the system, if problems are found, deal with them at the first time, and control the quality of raw materials with high standards; They can also use computers in evaluating the quality of projects. According to the relevant software can accurately output the test results and no error, can use the computer to set up the quality information database, easy to review and use.

(2) Application of computer in information management. The use of computers in supervision management can standardize management services. According to the project, materials, construction units, equipment and other data to carry out accounting and statistics and formulate a report. For the convenience of reference can be established in the computer construction supervision work application standardized form. In addition, the statement can be communicated to the owner at any time, which is conducive to understanding the project status at any time and improving the integrity of the supervision company.

4 summarizes

In the process of construction engineering, the effective application of computer information technology is particularly important, but the Chinese computer technology was not widely used in the construction engineering. Construction enterprises should pay high attention to the effective integration of computer technology and construction engineering, so as to promote the scientific and effective development of construction enterprises and the improvement of economic benefits.





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