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Training and development

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  “If you want to build a high-quality enterprise, you must build high-quality employees”Talent is the decisive factor of enterprise competition. Over THE YEARS, IN ORDER TO ENSURE THE SUSTAINABLE development OF KALLONG HIGH-TECH, the company in a large amount of talent introduction at home and abroad at the same time, focus on the establishment of talent incentive mechanism, so that the right people in the right position to play the right role. Relying on external training resources, the company cultivates internal lecturers and provides professional and systematic training for all employees, so as to lay a solid talent foundation for the future development of Kailong High-tech. At present, the company has more than 1000 employees, more than 500 professional and technical personnel, nearly 100 employees with master's degree or above, owning “ Enterprise Technology Center ” And the domestic excellent level of product laboratory, with postdoctoral workstation, has a perfect talent training platform and smooth talent development channel, to provide employees with competitive welfare benefits. At the same time, we make full use of school-enterprise cooperation, enterprise training bases, online learning platforms, enterprise universities and other resources to carry out various forms of training for different groups in combination with the company's strategy and the individual needs of employees. The training system of the group includes four levels: company level, department level, workshop level and team level. Under the guidance of the planned training system and process, the group can learn specialized training courses through diversified training forms to meet the needs of the company strategy, enterprise development and various units and employees.



Training system

  Combined with the company's development plan and overall development strategy, vigorously improve the quality of staff, highlighting talent training and professional and technical force reserve training. The training work has been accumulating continuously in improving the curriculum construction, the construction of teachers and the construction of standards. In the construction of the training system, we have never stopped on the way to realize curriculum standardization, textbook standardization, lecturer specialization, process implementation, institutionalization of evaluation, three-dimensional method, clear vision, transparent system and systematic tracking. For all levels of staff have been encouraged to participate in the training of staff experience, experience, perception, growth, growth breakthrough.
Chailong gives employees both opportunities and challenges. Employees learn and grow in Chailong, and also share and teach here. Generation AFTER GENERATION OF KAILONG PEOPLE here to pass on ideas, transfer wisdom, establish a perfect system and excellent training management mode, for the company's internal employees and customers to provide unique services, to form their own advantages.




 Employee development

  The company implements career planning for employees and constructs three career development channels of management, specialty and skill. Employees can choose vertical or cross-channel development according to their own advantages。

  According to the annual performance and ability evaluation results of employees, the company determines the corresponding career path level of employees。

  The company provides a variety of staff development channels, such as open recruitment of positions within the group, competition for management positions, and promotion of middle-level administrative assistant positions。



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